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Get notifications on the status of your website, domain, SSL certificate, domain expiry date, and even monitor your competitors.

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Our Main Features

We offer features that ensure you're aware of happenings with your web applications 24/7.

Domain Health Check

Track your domain's vitality and uptime and take action when needed.

SSL Certificate Check

Safeguard your online presence with SSL certificate verification.

Status Pages

Create informative status pages to keep your users informed.

Domain Expiration Check

Stay ahead by monitoring your domain's expiration status.

About Us

The best uptime monitoring application online.

At ServerTap, we're all about keeping your apps running smoothly. Our platform provides cutting-edge tools and resources specifically designed to help you monitor your server's uptime with ease. We offer practical insights, tutorials, and guides crafted by industry professionals to ensure you have the knowledge and expertise necessary to keep your applications up and running at all times.

With ServerTap, you'll have access to real-time monitoring solutions and actionable tips to address any potential downtime issues swiftly. Say goodbye to disruptions and hello to seamless application performance. Join ServerTap today and take control of your server uptime monitoring like a pro.


Any Questions? Answered

Read through these FAQ's and quickly get started.

ServerTap employs advanced monitoring tools to track your website's uptime, promptly alerting you to any issues that may arise, ensuring minimal downtime.
Absolutely. ServerTap includes SSL certificate monitoring and domain health checks to identify vulnerabilities, helping you fortify your website's security and protect against cyber threats.
ServerTap stands out with its comprehensive approach, offering not just uptime monitoring but also SSL certificate checks, domain health assessments, and competitor monitoring, providing a holistic view of your online presence.
ServerTap provides detailed reports on website uptime, SSL certificate validity, domain health, and more. These insights empower you to make informed decisions about your online presence and take proactive steps to maintain optimal performance.
Absolutely. You can track the uptime and performance of your competitors' websites, gaining valuable insights to benchmark your own performance and stay ahead in the market.
ServerTap is designed with simplicity in mind, offering an intuitive user interface that makes monitoring your website's health a breeze. Getting started is quick and easy, with straightforward setup instructions and instant access to monitoring tools.